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The Ultimate Couples Bucket List…


The Ultimate Couples Bucket List…

Like a healthy bank account, you’ve got to invest in a relationship. It takes time, energy and commitment. If you’re currently feeling emotionally depleted or stuck in a rut, a Couples’ bucket list is one way of creating relationship wealth and generating new memories and achievements. If you’re new to a relationship, then this should be your starting point, your Bible and your guide to everlasting bliss. Read ahead and get cracking on our 21 sure-fire ways to ensure your Couples’ Bucket is continually filled to the brim!

#1: Go travelling overseas together.

This should be on every couples’ wish list – not only does travel broaden the mind but it attacks the senses and creates unique memories. Expect to fight – strange languages, geography and customs can be challenging. Make sure both have a hand in the planning – does one person require hot running water? Does the other prefer off-road experiences to five-star hotels? Remember to be forgiving and enjoy making love beneath a foreign sky. Good travelling companions make life long couples!

#2: Date nights.

Make it a regular thing – dress up, buy some sexy lingerie and take it in turns in nominating a place. Alternatively have your own regular venue – a booth in the back of your favorite bistro or fish and chips by the beach. Put date night in your diaries and don’t let anything, bar the Zombie Apocalypse, take precedence. This one’s about keeping connected and making an effort.

#3: Take a tech-vacation together.

Turn off those phones, iPads and tablets, and discover how much you really have to say to each other. This one’s going to be hard – some people have totally forgotten how to be in the present. Take small steps – try it for an evening or a Sunday morning, try describing things instead of reaching for Instagram. It will improve your listening skills and your concentration!

#4: Dance to each other’s music.

Create play lists and dirty dance in the dark. Music is a soulful and evocative medium, and like poetry, says things in ways that plain speaking can’t achieve. If you’re really brave ring up a radio station and dedicate a song to your partner or perform a duet at a karaoke night. If you can sing out of tune in public together you can achieve anything as a couple!

#5: Invest in a dress-up box.

Yes, its saucy but it doesn’t need to be so – we’re not just talking about French Maids’ outfits and Mankinis (although we doubt anyone has ever called the latter sexy). You’ll be surprised by how much fun can be had with a few outrageous wigs, feather boas and animal onesies. Dress up, add voices and create characters – expect to be delighted by the level of imagination that is unleashed.

#6: Have a baby.

“What?!” you say! “But we don’t want children – they’re overrated!” Slow down – the term “Baby” can mean anything from a pot plant to the pooping human-kind. You’ve proved you can look after yourselves and each other but can you look after another living thing? Try sea monkeys, a rescue dog or even an organic veggie patch. It’s a grown-up thing that requires responsibility and commitment.

#7: Eat at all this year’s best rated restaurants together.

If you’re foodie couple it’s probably already on your bucket list, if not its going to broaden those taste buds and teach you the difference between Pak Choy and Buk Choy. Review the food, service and fit-out. Enjoy feeding each other tantalizing new morsels!

#8: Complement each other – at least once a day.

Sometimes we just stop noticing the nice gestures, the new hairdo, the chicken soup when sick. Make it a mission to say something nice to each other, at least once a day – it doesn’t have to be verbally – a note left on the pillow or in a lunchbox that reminds your partner how treasured they are is equally effective.

#9: Surprise each other!

Mix it up couples! Whether its running a bubble bath with candles and champagne or taking your partner out to lunch wearing nothing but a trench coat, plan for the unexpected! Couples who keep each other on their toes increase the sense of excitement and anticipation in a relationship.

#10: Spend the day in bed.

Read papers, get crumbs between the sheets and engage in a little mid-morning delight. Take it in turns to be the breakfast cook and dress the tray up with a rose and freshly squeezed orange juice. When you’re finally ready to greet the afternoon or evening have a shower together and dress each other in fresh Pajamas – then go back to bed.

#11: Camp indoors.

This is perfect for the couples who really don’t want to dig holes in the ground and use leaves for toilet paper. Build a tent in your living room, cook s’mores over a gas oven (if you have one), create shadow puppets with hands and torches and tell each other spooky, spooky stories. Its amazing how much fun you can have in a double sleeping bag!

#12: Get naked and feely touchy.

Whether its skinny dipping, strip polka or nude massages the human body is wonderfully sensual thing. Sometimes the business of life means we stop touching, soothing and caressing. Its true that skin needs skin for reassurance and revitalization – remember to keep worshipping at the temple of each other’s bodies and inject a bit of fun for laughs.

#13: Retain your independence and hutzpah.

Just as spending time together is important, it’s also important to have individual experiences that bring perspective and new conversation to the relationship. Go out for a girls’ night out, plan card games with the boys. Catchup on gossip and other peoples lives. There’s nothing sexier than an independent person with a strong sense of self-worth whilst being joined at the hips is dull and uninteresting!

#14: Do something dangerous.

Bungee jump, dance on a Fjord, raise lion cubs, rob a bank – (actually not the last one). Adrenaline is damn sexy and you’ll probably want to celebrate success with some hot and sweaty love making!

#15: Get fit together.

You know the couple who have been sitting on the couch too long, eating Cheerios and Sara Lee? They lack energy and often look like they’ve forgotten to care. Well endorphins are cute little hormones that create a sexy buzz – so get moving, take up a sport and set yourself a challenge. It could be running the Boston marathon or learning to ride a bike – as you make the transition from couch to activity you’ll discover natural highs and even brand-new bodies to fall in love with all over again.

#16: Take weekend breaks.

Enjoy a Broadway musical, rent out a BnB or Meditate in the mountains! Weekends are not just for getting the house ready for the next working week – it’s important to escape from the demands of your own environment – so if you’re rural head for the bright city lights and vice versa. Often a short break can reconnect and revitalize meaning that pesky vacuum cleaner won’t be a constant distraction.

#17: Fulfill a fantasy.

Okay, so this is definitely about steaming things up. In a safe and non-judgmental space discuss those deep, dark non-fulfilled desires and decide who’s willing to push which envelope. It might mean investing in ropes, toys and a video camera or be as simple as doing the housework in the nude. You’ll add new skills to your repertoire and establish new levels of trust.

#18: Combine your brain power.

The brain is a sexy thing and problem solving represents fun and a sense of achievement. Invest in a Lego set, a giant jigsaw or visit an Escape Room. You’ll discover how to collaborate and get a snapshot into the amazing workings of each other’s minds.

#19: Take a cooking class.

If you both love food, it’s a natural progression and a great way to meet other people. Choose a cuisine that is mutually adored, google courses and sign up. With your nearly acquired chef-i-ness hold a dinner party and invite the most fascinating people you can find. It’s a great way to show off and to prove that as a couple you are the hosts with the most!

#20: Support your community.

Volunteering in a soup kitchen or visiting aged care facilities is not necessarily sexy but it’s a way of playing it forward. If you’ve got a successful and strong relationship why not take a little of that love out into the world and share it with those less fortunate. You’ll learn important things about yourself and each other!

#21: Fulfill a dream.

Does one of you want to try stand up comedy? Does the other want to run for local council? Sometimes work, children and being responsible gets in the way of our dreams. As the saying goes “You never want to die not having tried”, so sit down and figure out how you can provide an opportunity for each other to dream big. It’s a generous and loving gesture that might just open up a whole new world of happiness!

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