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21 First Date Ideas That Don’t Suck…

Date Ideas

21 First Date Ideas That Don’t Suck…

You always hear the same old date ideas being thrown around – over and over again. Look, we’ve got nothing against the cinema or fine dining…. but what if you really want your experience to stand out from every other mainstream date. What if you want to leave that gorgeous new guy/girl with a with a goofy smile on their face for days after? What if you want them to be begging for a second date and texting within five minutes of that goodnight kiss.

First impressions matter – no matter what anyone tells you – and a first date is like an opening number on Broadway – if it doesn’t razzle dazzle you’ve lost your audience – or in this case your date… So here’s some less-than-ordinary ideas that will really impress, whoever you take along.

#1: Take a pasta making class.

Italians would probably fight with the French as to who invented romance. Its too close to call but we bet that in both cases, food played a major part. Today we’re nominating pasta making for a first date because it’s so hands on and not as risky as a soufflé – all that pounding and rolling and kneading is a lusty activity and bound to build up healthy appetites. Feel free to conclude the experience by sucking on a piece tagliatelle until your lips meet in the middle!

#2: Get a little tipsy together on a wine tasting trip.

The nectar of the Gods, wine, will loosen the tongue and ensure that conversation is flowing. Try not to get too messy – it’s not a good look on a first date and it’s a good idea to book a tour so you don’t have to worry about who’s the designated driving or get testy over directions to the next winery

#3: Go to a food festival and munch out on street food.

Food festivals are so much fun, especially if they are a cultural celebration. Imagine eating souvlaki and then cranking out a “Zorba” with Greek dancers or feasting on burritos whilst helping to break a piñata. Immerse yourselves in the music, food and traditions of a far away place and you’re bound to leave smiling and satisfied.

#4: Visit a theme park and share an adrenaline rush.

Theme parks are always fun – from traditional roller coasters to towers of terror – you’ll scream, you’ll go green and hopefully, cling onto each other for dear life. Mix it up with more gentle experiences – throw balls at tins to score a prize, hitch a ride on the Tunnel of Love and eat hotdogs and fairy floss, remember to leave the 10-inch heels at home and don’t wear ketchup-attracting white.

#5: Take ’em to the zoo.

When all else fails you simply can’t go wrong with majestic and exotic animals. Look up your local zoo and book in a special experience like bird feeding or lion encounters. Some Zoos even have wildlife breakfasts or midnight safaris. Everyone loves animals and if they don’t there’s probably a couple of bodies down in the cellar so skip the second date.

#6: Visit a maze and get lost in it together.

Go all Labyrinth and navigate your way through a maze. We’ve seen ones that are built from hedges, mirrors and stone walls. You’ll find out how devious your date can be – do they want to climb under the fence or call on Siri for help? – and you’ll have lots of fun winding up in exactly the same place over and over again.

#7: Fine dining takeaway.

Strapped for cash? Want to keep things light but with a little class. Why not locate a balcony, dress up a table and serve Maccas or KFC on silver platters with good cutlery? You get bonus points for a sunset and a white tea towel thrown casually over your forearm. More bonus points for a hand drawn menu.

#8: Take a bike ride together.

These days our cities have so many wonderful cycling tracks and they make for a perfect first date – (as long as you’re not afraid of helmet hair). Whether it be winding through local parks or travelling along a river bank your bound to have a gorgeous and invigorating first date. Stop at a fabulous bakery or ice cream vendor for celebratory treats and, for a real challenge, try a tandem bike next time.

#9 Visit a cat cafe.

What’s not to love? Cats doing what they do best, sleeping, climbing, playing and searching for pats. Drink tea, read your feline profiles and comment on your favorite characters. There’s also usually a feel- good chance to make a donation to rescue cat services. Best to first make sure your date isn’t allergic to cats.

#10 Laser Skirmish.

Its been around for a while and morphed to open events in car parks and outdoors. Guard your bases, shoot the enemy and try to point score each other. You’ll get a good work out, lots of thrills and spills and find out whether your date could survive an apocalypse. Paintballing is an equally as thrilling option

#11: Visit a planetarium.

Ok, so we stole this from probably every romantic movie ever and definitely from “LA LA Land”. Star gazing is about ancient storytelling and a staring at a magnificent light show. Make sure you’ve got a cloudless night, fake it if you can’t see Orians’ Belt immediately and cross fingers in the hope of a real live shooting star.

#12: A Bonfire on the beach.

Toast s’mores, sing Kumbaya and listen to the crashing on ocean waves. Make sure it’s a cool evening so you have to share a blanket to get extra cozy and, off course, check local authorities for permission to ignite!

#13: Archery.

“The Hunger Games” and “Game Of Thrones” have made the ancient sport of arrow projection sexy – and just a tad deadly. We’re not suggesting that you use your date as a live target but search out a local archery range. It requires concentration and improves hand/eye coordination – both an advantage if there’s going to be more successful dates down the track

#14: Sumo wrestling.

Better than a jumping castle, Inflatable sumo suits allow you to grapple, bounce and wrestle each other to the ground. Hire a couple out, set up a wrestling ring in the back yard and feed the victor Sushi and Saki for fun.

#15: Go to a chocolate / dessert bar.

What’s not to love about chocolate? Dessert bars are on trend and often offer tasting plates with insanely beautiful creations. This is the perfect opportunity to feed each other tantalizing morsels. The sumptuousness of a creamy Brule and wickedness of chocolate covered strawberries can activate senses, not just in the mouth.

#16: Escape rooms.

They are all the rage and everywhere – You’ve got a time limit and a theme – escape the evil axe murderer, land the space ship before you run out of oxygen, locate the clues to get Alice out of wonderland. Escape Rooms will test your brain power and whether you’re good at collaboration – survive one together and there’s a strong possibility of a second date.

#17: Stroll through an old cemetery.

Even if you don’t have Goth or Emo tendencies this date can be a journey of discovery. Consider the beauty of the headstones and read the family histories. For real atmosphere and spookiness, visit at night and view each grave by torch light. Watch out for noises from the great beyond!

#18: How about a virtual first date.

If you’re into gaming or unsure whether you want to meet face to face yet why not investigate Virtual Reality. In the last few years there have been giant leaps forward and it’s now possible to crate an Avatar and a Virtual setting – say a bar or restaurant. You can play games with each other and even blow a kiss or two – you probably need to be a bit techie but watch out – this sort of dating is the FUTURE!

#19: Restaurant in the dark.

Yes, you won’t be able to see what you are eating, or each other, but your senses will be heightened, focusing on smell and taste. The absence of sight also spurs on conversation and perhaps is great camouflage for that newly acquired zit. “Dining in the Dark” restaurants have been popping up everywhere in the past few years – check if there’s one in your locality or, alternatively, create your own!

 #20: Boating.

Rowing up and down a lazy river on a warm summers’ day conjures up images of romance, parasols and Boater hats. Pack a picnic and blanket and dine on fried chicken, potato salad and Gin fizzes afterwards. If you’ve never rowed before take towels – standing up suddenly and lost oars can require full immersion.

#21: Take a clown class.

Okay – so this definitely isn’t about dressing up to the nines, and requires a couple with a willingness to pratfall and put make up on – after the date has commenced. Are you a Koko or a Booboo – Do you enjoy big shoes and honking horns? Discover your inner clown and fall in love whilst falling down!

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