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21 Unique And Fun Second Date Ideas…

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21 Unique And Fun Second Date Ideas…

So, you’ve made through the first date and decided that yes, there were definitely sparks. A second date is on the agenda and you’re keen to find out if this could lead to a lusty love or a lovely lust.

Life is short so think strategically! Was the first date symphonic and serious? Do you now want to find out if they have a sense of humor? Was your last love a hamburger and fries’ kind of guy whereas you’re a Truffles and crème brulee kind of girl? Be confident, know what you’re looking for and plan the second date accordingly. In the spirit of true love, we’d like to assist you with your second date dilemmas so here’s our list of romantic experiences designed to transform those initial sparks into fireworks

#1: Go to your local botanical gardens and have a picnic.

It might be time to investigate your local gardens. Pack a picnic with gorgeous cheeses and hearty bread. Often there’s sensory gardens, cactus houses and ducks to be fed – sometimes there’s even theatre and music in the park. Find yourself a little alcove besides a gnarly old tree and get to know each other better in lovely surroundings.

#2: Visit an art gallery.

Get your sophistication on and go visit an art gallery to get a dose of culture. Choose one you like – it could be filled with modern, local or classical art and observe how your date reacts. What they like or understand about art will tell whether your dating someone who’s open minded, conservative or just not that into it!

#3: Play a round of mini golf together.

Everyone loves Mini Golf and it makes for a really cool second date. There’s lots of different themes and settings these days – Holes that pay homage to nations – where you putt around the Eiffel tower or a windmill, outdoor courses, indoor courses and even courses played in the dark. It’s a good chance to give your date some advice on their grip by getting real close and adjusting their stance.

#4: Visit a local farmers market and indulge in the delicacies.

If you went for high adrenaline on the first date why not switch gears and support your local produce suppliers. There’s usually lots of taste samples to discuss and super friendly vendors. Grab a basket of organic goodness and cook a healthy lunch for your second date.

#5: Visit an arcade and get competitive with each other.

Reawaken the child in your inner child and visit an arcade. All those flashing lights and fluro graphics will have you battling to achieve the highest score. If you can find a retro arcade, add a dose of sentimental nostalgia – always romantic – think Atari and Nintendo, Space invaders and Pacman. Let the glow of pixelated legends fuel your growing passion.

#6: Go horseback riding.

Okay, so you established on the first date that both of you like animals. Why not get really up close and personal and go horseback riding. If you’ve already had some experience that’s great but it’s even better if your novices – this will tell you how willing your date is to try something new. Research trail rides and find yourself an excellent guide.

#7: See a movie – gold class.

Dress up and, order burgers and champagne and watch your movie of choice in complete luxury. The chairs are oh so comfortable and you can adjust them into majorly reclining positions. Ask for a blanket and it will be just like you’re watching Television in bed together. Where the hands wander to under that blanket – no one’s going to know!

#8: Ice Skating / Roller blading.

The worse you are, the better it is – you’ll be holding onto each other for dear life whilst attempting to master the very basic of skills. It’s a good opportunity to build some trust – let go of the railing and head for the center of the rink, attempt a 90s draggy dance when the tacky music comes on, fall on top of each other and you might just be tempted to steal a kiss.

#9: Try a standup comedy show.

Okay so your first date was intense – you were both on your best behavior – now its time to get raucous and laugh till it hurts! Check your local guide and front up at an open mic, you’ll get a range of abilities and subject matter and be able to discover whether crude, rude, abstract or observational tickles your date’s funny bone. Bonus points and a bravery award for getting up there and giving it a crack yourself.

#10: Formula one.

Feel the need for speed? Well there are actual racing tracks that let you experience the rush of driving a Formula One or V8 supercar. Its not cheap but its certainly going to leave a lasting impression and the adrenaline is out of this world. If this is too full-on but you want a similar experience – try simulators many tracks have them installed, specifically for the faint hearted.

#11: Build a snowman.

If its Winter and you live near snow, head up the mountain and, check out the view and build a snowman. This is chance to find out if your second date has a sense of fun – especially when you aim that perfect snowball at their head!

#12: Dine at a Sushi Train.

Sushi trains are quirky and inspire lots of conversation as each piece of beautifully crafted Japanese delicacy makes their way around the conveyer belt. Sip on green tea or Saki and discuss your preference for gyoza or Inari. Use chop sticks and try something unusual like eel or Eggplant Nigiri!

#13: Take in a sunset or sunrise.

Let nature kick fuel romance your romance. Pack yummy food and beverages and find yourself a ringside seat to greet the day or put it to bed. Think mountain tops and roaring beaches. Snuggle together as you watch the world turn.

#14: Find a waterfall.

If there’s a waterfall, perhaps in a National park near you, there’s sure to be a gorgeous hike to such a magnificent destination. You’ll have to raise your voices and get closer to hear each other as the deafening sound of cascading water increases. Upon arrival at your destination a waterfall makes the perfect backdrop for your first selfie together.

#15: Pick a team.

Was your first date a high-end restaurant or fine piece of theatre? Perhaps its time to break out the rabid sports fan and go nuts. Take your date to see your favorite team play – extra points if you both barrack for opposing teams. Buy a big finger, eat hotdogs and find out how excitable your new love interest can get when their team wins or looses.

#16: Take a circus class.

Ever wanted to learn how to unicycle or fly a trapeze. These days there’s lots of opportunities to master Circus skills. Google, it and you’ll probably find a local troupe that offers lessons. Find out how well coordinated or agile your second date is and have fun learning a skill you’ll probably never use.

#17: High tea.

Yes, its sophisticated and requires good manners. Perhaps if you started off with something wild and woolly now its time to go for refinement and good breeding. Cucumber sandwiches, tiny little quiches and enough cake to send you into a diabetic coma – it’s a fabulous indulgence. Dress up and put on a total air of superiority.

#18: Exercise your Sea Legs.

In many places its possible to hire a boat for a day or evening. Go fishing, sail to a secluded inlet, play pirates and walk the plank. If it’s a nice day weigh anchor, dive in head first then race each other to the shore and back.

#19: Invite them over for fondue.

Its oh so retro and completely on trend. All that gooey cheese is bound to melt hearts as well. For dessert serve up dark chocolate dipping sauce and strawberries. Scientists claim cacao increases the hormone, oxytocin in your brain: translation – Chocolate makes you horny!

#20: Go Carting.

Loads of fun and highly addictive. These souped-up Billie carts tear around purpose built tracks vying for position and the winners podium. Discover how competitive your Second date is – buckle up and get your engines started!

#21: Find a theater with a singalong show.

From The sound of Music to Rocky Horror many theaters run dress up and singalong movies. Follow the lyrics as they bouncing along the screen and crank up a “Time Warp” with your second date. Its oh so silly and an utter joy to be part off.

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