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21 Signs He Loves You (But Is Scared To Admit It!)

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21 Signs He Loves You (But Is Scared To Admit It!)

There have been plays and songs written about trying to dodge and avoid cupids’ arrows. You know the ones where the protagonists instantly dislike each other and are constantly having heated arguments until one day the heat transforms into hot and heavy attraction? Well people, it’s a real thing, full of miscommunication and strange behaviors.

If your perplexed by how someone acts who you think may be secretly harbouring a major crush check out our list of 21 tell-tale signs – they might just help you discover a new romance behind all that bluff and bluster!

#1: He blows hot and cold.

One minute he’s gushing and complimentary, you hold hands and are just about to go for a really good pash when suddenly he withdraws emotionally and physically. You’re left wondering if you just imagined that nano-second of romance – the truth is he’s probably trying to fight loss of self-control and fears giving in to vulnerability

#2: He’s always got something on then suddenly becomes available.

Like “blowing hot and cold” this is kind of push back mentality in reverse. He’s always busy, always got something on but when it nears a particular date he suddenly becomes available – this means he’s trying to push you away but never quite succeeds in following through.

#3: He doesn’t like any of your ex boyfriends.

If your mystery man is almost downright malicious about your ex’s that’s a sign of supressed passion. He may not consciously know it but he definitely believes that only one man is good enough for you.

#4: He tries to make you jealous.

So your not yet dating but you’re sure there’s been some lingering, soulful looks. However, adding to the confusion, is the fact that he seems to enjoy acting super pervy with other girls in front of you. The truth is he’s probably in denial and wants to make you jealous.

#5: He likes almost every post you make on Facebook.

Even when he’s not hanging out with you he’s there in the background, online, liking your posts and sprinkling them with emojis – definitely a sign that he wants to get to know you better and could be falling in love.

#6: He deliberately picks fights with you.

He’s going for a reaction, trying to bring out the worst in you to prove he’s not in love. We all know there’s a fine line between love and hate and people who are scared to love often walk on both sides of that line for quite some time.

#7: He becomes tongue tied.

All that stuttering, stammering and tomato red blushing is a sure sign that you scare him shitless – especially if he’s an eloquent public speaker in real life.

#8: He gives you thoughtful presents.

Presents are always a good gauge of how much someone thinks of you – are they generic or personal, does it look like a random shop or has thought gone into the process? Presents that speak to your interests mean that a person is paying close attention – they may not be ready to express their feeling with words so they’re doing it with gifts

#9: He sleeps with people you know he doesn’t like.

Another jealousy ploy – he’s actively trying to court your disapproval. Of course, if you’re already going out together then this is just plain cheating but if its pre-first date days it could be a sign he’s trying to stuff up any prospect of turning your friendship into romance.

#10: He’s bruised.

Guys who have gone through a particularly bad breakup often find it hard to allow themselves to commit again, for fear of more heartbreak. I know its frustrating but the truth is, the more they complain and protest the closer they are getting to letting go of the past and embracing the present. It’s a waiting game that requires patience

#11: He never answers his phone but insists on calling you for trivial matters.

This is another example of “blowing hot and cold”. One minute he refuses to be at your beck and call and the next he’s thinking up trivial reason just to hear your voice. The next time he calls to ask if a pot plant needs watering be assured he’s scared but definitely interested.

#12: Everyone else sees the signs.

Friends, relatives and even casual strangers are telling you he’s hook line and sinker into you. He may be frightened of making the first move but unable to control longing looks and come-hither body language. You could either take the initiative or wait until his brain catches up with his heart.

#13: He sends you links to funny cat videos.

Not just funny cats but anything that makes you laugh – if he seems to constantly be trying to attract you with humour then it’s be a sign he likes you, big time. Some guys, when scared of committing, deflect with humor – it’s a way of perpetually keeping things light and breezy.

#14: He’s protective.

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, the guy who offers to pick you up at 3 am after a night out with the girls or drops around with chicken soup when you’ve got the flu is clearly showing he’s watching out for you and is trying to express feeling in deeds rather than words

#15: He’s a good listener.

Often guys are hopeless at listening to long winded conversations so when they are attentive enough to not fall asleep whilst you forensically describe an outfit or the latest falling out between you and your bestie then love is well and truly in the air.

#16: He offers to help you move house.

Here’s another “actions speak louder than words” sign. It’s also a chance to show off a 6 pack and possibly get shirtless. No one likes moving so if he’s willing to give up precious time to haul your valuables across town there’s bound to be a romantic ulterior motive

#17: He takes you to a Celtics match instead of his best buddy.

This is either love on a plate or the ultimate test of your suitability in a future romance. If he wants to share the adrenaline of watching his favourite team play his favourite sport and there’s not a buddy in sight, he’s not got long before uttering those three magic words.

#18: He’s moody.

A sure sign of confusion and fighting back unwanted feelings – especially if normally he’s very even tempered. Try to cut through and demand to know what his real problem is.

#19: He hates romance – or so he says.

The guy that keeps finding fault with romance and makes comments like “Its fake” “You lose your identity” and “They were nice before they were a couple”, especially when your around, may just be running scared and trying to squash a strong romantic attraction.

#20: He leaves town – just when its going so good.

The guy that suddenly dials down the romance by leaving town or avoiding calls may be terrified he’s in too deep and trying to cling onto a semblance of independence. Call his bluff and act as if you don’t care – better still, show interest in someone else.

#21: He suddenly knows the plot line and characters in your favorite TV show.

He’s obviously setting himself homework and getting to know you through your binge-watching habits. Let him keep talking about the narrative and character development and if your really brave suggest role playing some of the romantic scenes.

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