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21 Warning Signs She’s Cheating

Relationship Problems

21 Warning Signs She’s Cheating

Guys are often the last to know when their girl is cheating. Many are not good at picking up the subtle signs and shifts in behavior. Many don’t put the pieces together until it’s too late. We know you won’t want to be left with a broken heart and egg on your face so we’ve constructed a list of 21 signs that might indicted a wandering eye and heart. Check our list and if you recognize 5 or more signs in your own relationship the sad fact is – you may be dating a cheater.

#1: She dresses far too suggestively for a night out with the girls.

There’s a split down to her navel and a hem that’s almost obscene but it’s just another night out with her besties. If this is out of character and the dresses keep getting more and more outrageous you can be sure it not the girls she’s trying to attract!

#2: She has no sex drive.

Look it could be other things such as stress or anxiety so try a bit of slow romance with all the bells and whistles that usually turn her on and if that doesn’t work sit down and have heart to heart.

#3: She has too much sex drive.

Sometimes sex is like heroine – the more you get it the more you want it. If your girls’ libido is on overdrive and if she’s throwing in a few new techniques you might want to rule out cheating as the cause.

#4: She suddenly has sympathy for other people who cheat.

Cheating was once the number one sin in the universe and your girlfriend ghosted anyone who committed such a heinous crime, but now she’s expressing compassion and understanding and admitting that you need to have the full facts before making a judgement – change of heart? Or change of boyfriend perhaps?

#5: She’s having trouble sleeping.

Guilty conscious tend to keep us awake at night as does the first flushes of attraction. If she’s restless, manic and starry eyed it could be a sign of poor mental health or of cheating.

#6: She’s always busy.

Someone’s’ always asking her to work back or babysit and your feeling just a tad neglected. When you complain she says she doesn’t want to let anyone down but your obviously not part of that special group. It might be time for an ultimatum – get her to reveal how committed she really is.

#7: She won’t cancel anything.

Yes, you understand that her Grandmas funeral was compulsory but how many pedicures, manicures and catching up with old school friends does a girl need? In the old days she would cancel coffee with Ryan Gosling to be with you. This could be a sign that her passion is going elsewhere.

#8: She’s hitting the gym majorly.

She’s there every day – morning and night – toning, shredding, buffing – you feel like a gym widower. Best to check whether her personal trainer isn’t getting too personal!

#9: Her confidence is through the roof.

You know how gushing everyone is at the beginning of a relationship? – the compliments are flying and confidence is sky high. If your girlfriend goes from being shy and uncertain to outstandingly self-assured overnight it might be a sign that she’s getting all that positive motivation from a new romantic source.

#10: She leaves the room when taking calls.

You’ve always been open with each other but now it feels like she’s being sneaky – leaving the room to take calls, talking on her mobile in stilted or hushed tones – answering the question, “Who was that?” With “Just a friend!”. You need to get sleuthing and find out who’s really making those calls.

#11: She provokes arguments.

It’s like living with permanent PMT! Nothings ever good enough and you just can’t seem to catch a break. Your girlfriend could be feeling guilty or she might be deliberately trying to drive you away in order to make room for a secret someone else.

#12: Too many cryptic posts on Face book.

She’s taken to posting obscure messages like “Today is the beginning of the end” and “Love grows best in sunshine”. She’s obviously trying to say something and you get the feeling from her friends’ comments: “Is this about J?” and “Do it babe, you know you want to!”, that a shitstorm is on its way.

#13: She gets a radical haircut.

Is this the same girl who cried for two days when a hairdresser cut one 20th of an inch off her bangs? – now she’s strutting around with a short blonde pixie cut or rainbow-colored extensions. Women are known to get a new do when there’s a new man in their lives – find whether this is fashion or unfaithfulness.

#14: She guards her phone with her life.

It’s like it’s glued to her hand and you suddenly never hear those familiar words, “Can you ring my number, I can’t find my phone?”. Too much hyper vigilance and treating her phone like it’s a national secret might well be reason for concern.

#15: She learns how to use Snapchat but never sends you anything.

She’s mastered snapchat and is always busy sending photos in her sexy ensembles. She explains that it’s about getting her “Besties’” approval, but you’re not sure – there are always flirty giggles when she gets a reply – it’s probably time to put your detective hat on.

#16: You find sexy new underwear that she’s never worn for you.

Wow! Major red flag! If there’s lacy, satiny, peekaboo stuff in her underwear drawer or lying around in expensive shopping bags, and you wait and wait but never get a private showing it may mean someone else is getting an eyeful.

#17: She forgets important dates.

Girls love anniversaries – they’ll create them out of nothing – the first time we kissed – the first time you wore a green shirt – the first time we caught a bus together. If, at the beginning of the relationship, she was a stickler for date nights, birthdays and such, but now she can’t care less, it could be a sign she’s got special dates with someone else in her diary.

#18: She starts hanging out with a different crowd.

There appears to be a new gang in town – she keeps mentioning different names and adds that they are “amazing” and “hilarious”. The strange thing is you’re not getting any invitations to group events – the question to ask should be, is one of these new amazing, hilarious people a guy who’s cutting your turf?

#19: She refuses to make future plans.

This was the girl who once picked out names for the two children you were going to have and compiled an extensive wedding play list, but now she doesn’t want to commit to lunch next week. It’s almost as if she’s waiting for a better offer!

#20: Her stories don’t add up.

She was going out for dinner and then to the beach but the beach is on the opposite side of town – there was one much closer – plus she can’t remember the name of the restaurant or what she had to eat. Just like in the movies, narratives that have huge plot holes in them are always suspect.

#21: You find her in bed with you best friend.

Yes, we know it’s an obvious sign – we’ve got nothing more to say expect – MOVE ON!

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