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21 Totally Unforgettable Third Date Ideas

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21 Totally Unforgettable Third Date Ideas

So, you’ve made it to the magic third date! You’ve thoroughly enjoyed their company each time and feel the early stages of a good solid crush coming on – sleeplessness, butterflies in the stomach and some light headedness. The third date is very much a “Seal the Deal” occasion – its often the date where you might just invite them in for a nightcap or decide that, yes, they are cute but that lunch that their mother keeps packing is still a deal breaker.

We’ve compiled a list of 21 “Make or Break” third dates to ensure that you’ve got all the information necessary to cut and run or create everlasting bliss. Read ahead and let the romance reign, supreme!

#1: Drink boutique beers in a beer garden.

Find a cute and quirky beer garden with brands that hail from around the world, and settle in for a long lazy session where you can interrogate to your heart’s desire. Many places also offer Tapas and music which only serves to enhance the third date experience.

#2: See if the Circus is in town.

From Clowns to death defying students the circus has every sort of entertainment possible under one big tent. You might want to go for a small local troupe or, if Cirque du Soleil is in town, why not lash out and get all the bells and whistles. Grab some popcorn and fairy floss and use this third date to decide if you still need a safety net.

#3: Silent disco.

A silent disco or “Quiet Clubbing”, as it’s also known is an event where people dance to music on wireless headphones. Sometimes they are organized as a rave and others times as a walking tour. Check your local event guide and join an experience where – to the outside world – you’ll just look plain mental – loads of fun and buckets of laughs!

#4: Buy tickets to a Burlesque show.

It’s a sexy, saucy art form that’s bound to get your third date in the mood for something a little more intimate. Tassels, fans and suggestive seduction rather than in your face gyration will elevate temperatures and provide you with some new moves for after the show.

#5: White water rafting.

If until now things have been a tad sedate – why not crank it up and go for a shot of adrenaline. Pick a reputable company and learn to traverse rapids with names like “Cheese Churn” and “Gobble Guts” Expect to emerge soaking wet and ready to have more adventures with your third date.

#6: A plus one occasion.

Perhaps its not to soon to invite them to that special occasion that you dreaded would be desperate and dateless. Weddings, Christening and Engagements are generally happy events and you’ll get to evaluate your dates social skills and willingness to unleash their inner Nutbush. Leave funerals of the list – its soon for that level of intensity.

#7: Hot Air Ballooning.

If you want a shit load of old world romance why not book a place on a hot air balloon. These magnificent air ships provide 360 views of landscapes and sunrises. They say the experience is like walking on air which is exactly what your date should be doing after this gorgeous gesture.

#8: Degustation.

Degustation menus are gastronomical challenges where up to ten small dishes with exotic ingredients are presented for your tasting pleasure. As a diner you have no say in the menu – the chef decides what courses and when. The finest Degustation restaurants provide additional sensory experiences – fresh smelling hay that fed the cow your about to eat or earphones channeling sea soundscapes to prep you for urchin and abalone delicacies.

#9: Namaste Yogis.

Downwards dogs and warrior poses can be very sexy. Challenge your flexibility and release those good feel endorphins by twisting yourselves into impossible shapes. Why not try yoga in the park or for something real steamy – hot yoga? All that sweating probably deserves a nice cool plunge in a poll and a kale thick shake afterwards.

#10: Go Mexican Amigos.

Buy the third date you shouldn’t be so self-conscious about eating messy dishes such as tacos and enchiladas. Find a restaurant that offers half priced margaritas during happy hour and you can lick salt from each other’s necks. Extra points for scoring a mariachi band as well.

#11: Can you survive a whole week end together?

Is it time to take things to the next level and head for a cute bed and breakfast in the mountains or cabin by the lake. Sit in front of a roaring fire, drink port and play scrabble. For really adventurous couples – do all three naked.

#12: Go to the races!

Fancy a flutter? A day at the races is all about studying the form guide, dressing up to the nines and cheering on your favorite horses and jockeys. Country races are also the perfect place to take a picnic. You’ll find out if your date is a good looser and might even go home with extra cash in your pocket.

#13: Have a kid’s party!

Is your new romantic interest rather formal and way too mature? Investigate their childlike qualities by holding a kid’s party. Lay the table with party pies, jellies and cupcakes and when the sugar rush kicks in play Hungry Hippo and Twister. Include face painting for some creative fun!

#14: Shooting hoops.

Such a simple time-honored way of working through problems and getting to know each other better. Engage in light hearted competitiveness with a dose of trash talk. School your opponent with some razzle dazzle and find out whether the fourth date will be a “BOOMSHAKALAKA”.

#15: Spa Date.

Seaweed wraps and hot rocks are not just for the ladies these days. More and more, Spas are offering couples’ packages. Get exfoliated and oiled till your skin glistens from head to toes then take a sauna together wearing nothing but teeny towels.

#16: Music Festival.

If you are hard core into music, look for festivals that might appeal. Wear flowers in your hair and put your hands in the air like your just don’t care. A day or a week end channeling your inner Coachella might result in you both diving into the mosh pit of love.

#17: Fire up the Barbie.

We all love sticky ribs (apologies to the Vegos out there) and a ton of slaw. Invite your date over for meat, salads and beer. Do it in your own back yard or find a local park or beach that has coin operated barbecues. Its easy, simple and relaxing – the perfect atmosphere for good conversation.

#18: Glamping.

Its all the rage people! Not really into roughing it but like the idea of luxury under the stars? Many operators are now offering overnight stays in tents that have five-star hotel interiors – equipped with sumptuous beds, lanterns, rugs and food. You’ll feel like you’re on safari – minus all the dangerous wildlife.

#19: Visit a Jazz Club.

Look for a Smokey basement that offers songs of love, longing and sex. Listen as saxophone, piano and double bass weave their heartbreaking magic whilst a sultry chanteuse yearns for the one who got away. Candle light, cheap table clothes and nasty red wine will make the ambiance even better.

#20: Go Bowling.

Nothing new here but it’s a game everyone can play with little or no experience. Go crazy when you get a strike, high five anyone who cares and shake your booty when lining up to bowl. Even the ugly clown shoes can’t put a dampener of such a hoot of a date.

#21: Get a tattoo!

No way Jose! It’s too early for matching tattoos! Yeah, we hear you, but the truth is we’re not talking about duplicating the same piece of art work. If your both into tattoos or have discovered that it’s a shared bucket list item we dare you to brave up and get something you’ve always wanted inked into a place you’ve always liked. Go on – you know you want too!

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